Website Design Consultant – Osunwale website consulting.

Want to know the secrete to an efficient, timely, and well-done WordPress website design/development project? You found this service, you have found it. The fact that you bothered to look for this service in the first place, you already know a lot and are taking the most important steps.

Should you hire a freelancer or work with an agency? What services and what professionals should you be looking for for your project?
Should you use a builder or is a custom theme better?

Let me help you answer all these questions, book a consultation call with me today, and let’s get started on your project.

My consultation services don’t just include talking and sharing ideas, we will start taking action right away as I walk you through the essential steps to get you going.

Topics We will Touch (there will be other topics based on your specific requirements)

  • – Is WordPress right for your project?
  • – Project Details & Requirements (timeline, budget, etc)
  • – Software and Extension stacks
  • – Vendors and 3rd party solutions you need.
  • – Sensible Budget
  • – Recommended hosting infrastructure and providers
  • – Measurable KPIs
  • – Technical SEO requirements
  • – Marketing Recommendations

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